KU Public Management Certificate in Public Engagement

With the right design, public engagement opportunities can bring out the best in people and offer an opportunity to work together on issues they care about. Move beyond the citizens-at-the-microphone model and learn to leverage citizen knowledge, ideas, and energy in new ways to address challenging problems. Expand your toolbox and start looking forward to public engagement.

The Public Engagement Certificate consists of three two-day workshops:

  • Workshop 1: The Context of Decision-Making in the Public Sector
  • Workshop 2: Communicating Effectively in Public Settings
  • Workshop 3: Effective Practices in Citizen Engagement

Public Management Center classes are highly interactive. They combine instructor expertise and content with opportunities to engage with the material and with other participants. We encourage individuals to bring their experiences with the topics into the conversation, allowing the entire group to learn from one another while working with the material. In this way we model the inclusive, supportive, and collaborative approach that we see as crucial to public engagement and to problem-solving in our workplaces and communities.