• Participants in Civility Class consider how they would respond to a scenario. The class helps people involve the public productively.
  • A Consensus public forum on democracy and the decline in local reporting drew a packed house and was the topic of a KCPT broadcast.
  • Consensus convened a statewide meeting in Jefferson City, on behalf of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, to consider how best to restore the Missouri River basin ecosystem.
  • What are the major trends affecting libraries? A group in Oregon votes on a mind map.
  • The first class of Consensus Civility Award winners includes Carol Grimaldi, Greg Graves, Congressmen Kevin Yoder & Emanuel Cleaver, The KC Star represented by Miriam Pepper, and Father Norman Rotert, with KCPT's Nick Haines, who served as moderator. Consensus gave the awards at a breakfast at Rockhurst University on November 13, 2012.
Common ground is not so common these days. Where people used to be able to find solutions to daunting problems, now they resort to waving signs at one another. At Consensus, we’ve found that what often appears to be a people problem is really a process problem in disguise. Our community’s people – and we have talked with hundreds from one end of the political spectrum to the other – are hungry for the chance to deal with issues. They want to talk with people who have different ideas and different experiences. They are willing to listen and learn, and they want to have a voice. What’s missing is processes that make that possible.

Survey asks what a living wage means to you

“A living wage for working people” is the first issue selected for Mid-Continent’s Local Issues Project. We are in the process of conducting research and developing a discussion guide. An important part of that process is finding out how the public thinks about the issue. That’s where you come in. Please use this link to …

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Mental health engagement draws 360 participants

Some 360 participants gathered in Kansas City on Saturday, September 21, to answer President Obama’s call for a national dialogue on mental health. By the start of the program, after filling four overflow tables, the organizers had to turn some prospective participants away. The day was co-sponsored by Mayor Mark Holland and Mayor Sly James, …

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Well-managed logistics makes small groups effective

How to tame the logistics involved in your small-group discussion In 2013, Consensus is helping replace the old public hearing model, which citizens don’t like, with small groups, which work so much better. Every newsletter will include an article about small groups and how to use them. The February article covered the benefits of small …

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