Action Plan

The action plan includes these outcomes & strategies:

ONE: The mental health of school-age young people is supported
Strategies: Create safe places by making knowledgeable adults plentiful and visible in our schools. Use student-led small groups, such as in the “house system,” to encourage social inclusion in school. Teach a mental health curriculum in schools. Use the arts to inform middle schoolers about mental health. Expand options for activities outside of school. Use Text, Talk, Act to get young people talking about mental health and how to help a friend.

TWO: Young adults 18-24 have a smooth transition to adulthood
Strategies: Offer life-readiness training to any young adult, along with peer support and online information. Provide flexible funding streams to pay for services to young adults.

THREE: The mental health system is improved
Strategies: Encourage innovation in mental health services. Include persons with lived experience in mental health decision-making. Generate a road map to promote mental health careers. Identify and fill gaps in information that people need to find mental health services.