Research and Analysis Services


Accurate, unbiased information creates trust, and skillful communication builds support. Consensus excels at conducting research and analysis, and communicating even complicated subjects in a clear, compelling manner.

Whether working on client-funded or philanthropic projects, Consensus can provide the following:

  • Primary research using surveys and interviews with experts and stakeholders
  • Data gathering and literature review
  • Identification of key trends affecting an issue or industry
  • Options for approaching an issue, the values involved and the pros and cons of each
  • Written materials such as reports and website copy targeted to specific audiences

Since its founding, Consensus has involved the community in studying 16 public policy issues. Our studies are based on the belief that citizens can learn about a situation and find innovative new approaches that speak to what’s most important to local residents. Our studies are neutral, thorough, and written in clear, accessible language. Consensus studies have been the catalyst for new laws, new and improved programs, and increased understanding and awareness. For example, Consensus recommended a bi-state tax for regional attractions and arts organizations. We worked for ten years with Missouri and Kansas legislators to get identical enabling legislation passed, and others took on getting citizen approval to use the funding mechanism for Union Station. Consensus has studied other issues, such as minority business development, adult literacy, voting by mail, child care and more.

Here is a sample:

Library Structure & Funding
Released in 2004, “Making Book: Gambling on the future of our libraries” has received national attention for its analysis of public libraries in metro Kansas City. It was the subject of an article in Library Journal, its executive summary was printed in Public Library Quarterly, and it was on the recommended reading list of the national OCLC corporation. The white paper recommends changes in state laws and policies governing public libraries.

Making Book – complete report
Making Book – executive summary

School District Governance
This study focused on the role of school boards in improving student learning, and recommends changes in how boards operate and engage citizens, and in how members are elected.

School Governance Task Force report

Safe Neighborhoods
This study examined the people, places and policies that affect neighborhoods. It recommended changes, such as defined roles and responsibilities for neighborhood organizations and a metro-wide council of neighborhoods.

Safe Neighborhoods Task Force report