Class and Consulting

Class, consulting help build new habits

It takes knowledge to change old habits of engaging the public. Consensus offers a class on the fundamentals of good engagement, as well as pro bono consulting to help municipalities move beyond the public hearing.

Civility Class shows how to design meetings that bring out the best in people. The class covers productive new ways to approach the problem, the people and the process. It provides clear instructions and small-group practice.

Consensus also provides pro bono consulting to municipalities who seek to move beyond the public hearing model. For example, we helped the Wyandotte County legislative delegation reshape its annual town hall meetings. We helped Mayor Mark Holland with his “listening tour” with meeting design and training facilitators to help groups decide how to spend a $12 million windfall. When Roeland Park faced the loss of one in seven dollars in its general fund, we worked with local leaders to switch to small-group discussions. Those meetings asked citizens to agree on the right balance between raising taxes and cutting services.

Public engagement is so important for our democratic society to work, and Consensus has put together this engaging class that benefits elected and appointed officials, government staff, and average citizens alike. Attending this class will help your organization establish more productive models for governing.City Council Member
The course was enlightening and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your collective knowledge and experience. This course is a must for elected officials, public managers and neighborhood organizers. I was looking for a better way to engage the public and I found the better way with Civility Class.City Administrator
The new town hall small group element clearly added more voices to the discussion. Residents were better able to be engaged in the process and provide their direct feedback thanks to your advice and suggestions for how to increase the public’s role in policy making. We are grateful for the many hours both behind the scenes and during meetings in which you provided wonderful suggestions and guidance.Roeland Park Mayor & City Council